Such a Fun Age Book Review

Such a Fun Age Book Review

This week’s book review is about Kiley Reid’s novel Such a Fun Age. I’m going to keep this short and sweet- or not so sweet- as I didn’t enjoy this book.

Such a Fun Age follows protagonist Emira Tucker, a twenty five year old part time babysitter who still hasn’t found her calling. Her employers- The Chamberlain family, are not only incredibly wealthy, but Alix Chamberlain, the mother of the two children Emria cares for, is oddly infatuated with her babysitter.

The story kicks off with Emira being racially profiled; she’s accused of kidnapping one of Mrs. Chamberlain’s kids when the two of them are at a grocery store. After this incident happens, Alix becomes even more obsessed with Emira, wanting to be like her, be her best friend, have her life.

There are several disturbing plot points in the story where Alix Chamberlain is obsessed with Emira mainly because she is African American. She wants to know every random little thing about Emira that would hold no importance to a developing friendship that Alix is so creepily obsessed with having.

Emira also ends up dating a white man who has a similar infatuation- or fetish for African American women.

The whole time I read this book, I couldn’t find out who this story was supposed to be for. It’s equally awkward as it is uncomfortable.

The infatuation that a lot of the white characters have with Emira is sickening. The story is creepy, never fully develops into anything substantial, and was seemingly written out to a void with no particular audience.

I couldn’t take anything away from this novel other than “thank God that’s over”.

I was very disappointed by this book, but I guess you win some, you lose some.

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