Inspired by Display: Altar’d State

Inspired by Display: Altar’d State

Kicking off the first blurb for Inspired by Displays, I wanted to start with a store that has some of the most visually stunning displays and storefronts I’ve ever seen- Altar’d State.

I’d never heard of nor seen an Altar’d State before, but I was immediately drawn to it, because of their stunning store front displays.

I always joked with my friends that I didn’t simply go into this store, but I experienced it. Just because of these stunning store fronts. This as their spring time display; I love the way they played with flowers and umbrellas for a spring theme.

But look at the mosaic like glass you guys! It’s simply a stunning storefront, absolutely beautiful. The hanging plants also give the store a homey feeling.

Around the holidays, there were stunning Christmas displays that I wish I had taken pictures of, but there’s always this year.

Entering the store, the inside is even more immaculate. I love how organized everything is, and how they merchandise the clothes mostly based on occasion.

I’m obsessed with these light fixtures, and the gorgeous mosaic like glass on the dividers in the store.

Look at the use of plants and the overall merchandising of the clothes and the props/fixtures. It makes you feel like you’re shopping at no ordinary store. Also, the two interior photos were taken during the holidays, hence the Christmas tree, ornaments, and winter clothing.

There’s so much to look at, yet it’s not busy. There’s a great balance and a constant flow of an aesthetic that Altar’d State creates as soon as you’re walking into the store.

In my recent video, I mentioned the 5 basics (and simple practices) of merchandising; I think Altar’d state is a great example of one of the basics- balance. Everything is wonderfully balanced and executed throughout the store.

Check out my merchandising basics video below for more info:

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Did you like this store as much as I did?

Let me know in the comments below!

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