Inspired by Display: Buckle

Inspired by Display: Buckle

In this weeks Inspired by Display, we’ll be looking at Buckle’s seasonal storefront display.

I have to confess- I don’t shop at Buckle, like ever. But I had to snap a photo of this display, because I thought it would be a great example of merchandising for this series.

Similarly to the Aerie display, this display is also quite colorful. In different ways of course, the color scheme in this storefront is much calmer, with different hues to reflect a particular mood for their target audience.

Take a look at the diversity of outfits going on here. Yes, they’re all a similar style with similar looks, mainly because this store is directed to attract customers with a similarly specific style.

But look at the accessories, shoes, patterns, mixing and matching. To me, this display reminds me of a summer in the desert- maybe California, Utah, or maybe Arizona. It’s a relaxed style with minimal effort.

With this style, it’s easy to mix and match pieces of all types and still have a complete outfit. I believe that’s what this display shows- the flexibility of the product sold at this store and why you should shop there.

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