things to do while you’re quarantined

things to do while you’re quarantined

Some of you may already be quarantined, while others might be pretty damn close.

Needless to say, this is/has been a scary, overwhelming time for everyone. I’ve personally given in to the mass hysteria and have felt a little overwhelmed from the news- the fake news and the real news. It’s a nerve-racking thing, to not know what tomorrow will bring, but that can be just as hopeful too.

So, as an attempt to bring joy, a distraction, whatever you’d consider it to be, I thought it would be helpful to create a list of things to keep yourself busy while you’re quarantined at home

1. Reading

Have you had books on your list that you’ve been dying to read but haven’t gotten around to yet? Now is your time! Reading is such a great escape, it can truly transport you to entirely different world. You’ll soon get addicted, finding yourself turning page after page, reading book after book. If you’re looking for a recommendations, check out my reading list below: https://chloemaison.com/my-2020-reading-list/

2. Spring Cleaning

You’re time has finally arrived to go through those piles of random paperwork you have stuffed somewhere on a shelf, in the office, etc. It’s time to shred, recycle, and organize. File the important bills and things you need to hold on to, shred the credit card offers, and recycle any other msicellaneous paper work that doesn’t have your personal information on it. Who needs clutter?

3. Working Out

I start most of my mornings with a workout, because nothing gets me ready to tackle the day than a quick 30min – 40min workout. It clears my head, relieves any pent up stress, and I can feel my confident best self throughout the day. I can’t imagine starting my day without breaking a sweat. I like to switch up my routine too; some days I will run a mile and do some high intensity ab and leg workouts, other days I will take Ava for a long 3-4 mile walk.

4. Sign Up for Fashion Industry Essentials

I know I’ve brought this up a dozen times before, but I’m just trying to make the best out of a not so ideal situation. This would be such a great time to start the Fashion Industry Essentials program through Yellow Brick. It would keep you reoccupied, and you’ll learn so much through the interactive courses. (Some assignments require you to go out, so you wouldn’t be able to finish the entire program online given the current circumstances). Sign up for the school here: http://bit.ly/Chloe_FIE

5. Take your Dog on a Long Walk

As mentioned earlier, I love taking Ava for a long walk. It’s so nice to grab some fresh air and get exercise in for the both of us. There’s a very remote, empty trail by our house that I’ve been taking her on, and we’ve been loving walking it together. If you have the chance to get outside in the sunshine with your pup or your parent’s/families pup, I would strongly urge it. At the same time, respect whichever state you reside in, and try to obey their wishes. I’ve seen a lot of our neighbors giving their pups a walk throughout the neighborhood (not in groups of course).

6. Unsubscribe from Pesky Email Newsletters

There are so many times throughout the day I receive numerous random emails and I wonder why I haven’t unsubscribed yet. Typically, it’s a store that I don’t shop at anymore, or it’s some other source that’s bombarding me with emails. I’m sure you could relate, and there’s no reason to live with digital clutter either.

7. Redecorate a Room

What better way to practice social distancing than to shop online? Kolani and I go through periods where we want to change up a room and see it in a new light. If you’ve been feeling the same way, why not set the redecorating of a room as a goal? Move some furniture around, and grab some new artwork, fake plants, etc. to spruce it up. (shop online, remember, no going out).

8. Learn a New Recipe

Being stuck at home is a great way to practice your cooking skills! To make it easier, narrow down your search with ingredients you already have in your kitchen (or, if you have to, order food/ingredients through amazon or instacart to stay safe). There’s a chocolate chip cookie from scratch recipe that I’ll be working on during this break, and I want to try some other dishes as well. Pick out a recipe and try it out!

9. Deep Clean the Bathroom

Personally, I think the bathroom is always overlooked. You might not realize how dirty it actually gets, and if you do, it’s a lot of work to clean it. The scrubbing of the shower, tub, toilet- it’s definitely hard work. I have it on my to list this week to freshen it up and get some cleaning done. Any room/house/apartment is way more appreciated when it’s nice and clean. It’s just much more appealing to end the day in a tidy space.

10. Binge TV shows ( or Disney movies)

I guarantee that the main thing everyone is looking forward to this break is to relax and binge watch movies on Disney Plus. But don’t limit yourself, there’s plenty of undiscovered gems on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime that are waiting to be watched. I love being hooked on a show to the point where I always have to watch just one more episode (the equivalent of reading just one more chapter, right?) A couple of my favorites are Schitt’s Creek (Season 1-5 on Netflix), and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (All seasons on Amazon Prime).

That wraps it up for this blog post! I hope you all enjoyed! Stay safe and try not to be too stir crazy. If you have any other activities you might try, share them in the comments below! I’ll see you guys in the next one, Chloe.

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