Inspired by Display: Francesca’s

Inspired by Display: Francesca’s

In this week’s Inspired by Display, I wanted to share a display from an old favorite store of mine, Francesca’s.

When I first think of Francesca’s, the first thing I think of, or see, is you’re one stop shop for anything wedding or (appropriate) bachelorette related. There’s so many knick knacks in there you can buy for that friend in your life that just got engaged.

But that aside, Francesca’s has very cute clothes and accessories. I love a lot of things about the product Francesca’s sells. I love their delicate jewelry, their flirty feminine fashion, and their adorable add on accessories.

Let’s take a look at their current storefront display:

From first glance, I’m not really blown away by this display. It’s simple, but nothing jumps out at me. However, I do like how they chose neutral accessories to display in the center of four different outfits.

If you look closely, you’ll notice any shoe, necklace, or handbag displayed in the center will go with any other outfits merchandised along with it. I think that’s a very smart move, but I feel like they could have been a little more creative with it, in my personal opinion.

Even though this storefront isn’t huge, I think that is room to add some more personalization or props to make the window pop more. It seems like the few props that are on the background their add little to no value in the display; they almost appear washed out.

I don’t think customers would stop to notice that the accessories would go with each and any outfit because the display itself isn’t eye-catching. I think the simplicity of it is executed nicely, but there isn’t anything about the display that a customer would think “Oh I need to go look at that in store.

I do like all the outfits and accessories though, I think they’re super cute, and with a little more push, I would have gone inside to shop around.

What did you think of this display?

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