Inspired by Display: REI

Inspired by Display: REI

Welcome back to the blog, for today’s Inspired by Display, we’ll be taking a look at a simple “storefront” window display at REI.

REI is a very popular retailer up here in Washington for obvious reasons. I was walking around the mall when I came across an outdoor display near REI, and although the glare is somewhat awful, I though that the display captured REI‘s essence perfectly.

So yeah, I know the glare is kind of terrible, but the main things I wanted to focus on with this display and in this post are the props associated with the mannequin.

Looking at the mannequin, you can tell that he’s wearing REI clothing because they’re all “explore the outdoors” over there, but the props I feel really showcase what their image is for the company.

By simply adding in a couple accessories like the backpack and coffee mug- then throwing in a couple of logs-you can see the camping, outdoors-y vibes oozing from this display.

It’s a wordless ad saying “let’s go camping this weekend.” Customers subliminally will think of weekend plans, the forecast, and that trail they’ve been dying to hike.

I think it goes to show just how powerful displays can be, even if they’re simple and nicely executed like this one. Visual Merchandising is essentially selling the customer on an idea. Yes, you want them to buy the product your merchandising in your display, but you’re also selling them on an idea; “get this gear so you can go camping this weekend,” for example.

What did you think of this display?

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