Dear Edward Book Review

Dear Edward Book Review

This book review is long overdue. It took me way longer to read than I had anticipated. Let me dive deeper into the story to tell you a little bit about it.

Dear Edward follows twelve year old protagonist Edward Adler, the only survivor of a horrific plane crash the seated 191 passengers.

After the crash, the story mostly follows Edward, and how me manages life after the devastating crash that took away the only world he ever knew.

I probably could not have picked a worse time to read a book like this, considering the heavy theme and my personal current situation of being self isolated for nearly three weeks now.

However I finally finished it, and I want to talk about this book for a little, obviously, hence the book review.

While this book was very well written, I couldn’t find myself attached to the story or any of the characters. Towards the end, I found myself being inspired by the closure that had been developed for Edward, and other characters involved.

I still believe this book is worth the read, I think you just have to be in the right mind set or mood to read it.

I’m going to link this book down below if you guys would like to buy it, but I just wanted to say that from here on out, I will be changing the source of where you can buy these books from Amazon to a little site called bookshop.org- a website that allows you to purchase books while donating a portion of the profits to local bookshops. This isn’t sponsored, I just think that it’s important to help small businesses now more than ever.

Check out this book here: https://bookshop.org/books/dear-edward/9781984854780?aid=1726

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