explaining my blog name

explaining my blog name

I’ve spent the last few days really trying to brainstorm some fun new ideas for posts on the blog, and I realized that I’ve never explained my blog name.

When I first began my blog, it originally had a different name. If you’ve followed my blog since way back when, then you remember the iamfashioncoco days.

Originally, I started this blog thinking I was going to be another beauty and fashion blogger. So I used a portion of the Coco Chanel quote, “I don’t do fashion, I am fashion.” And alas, thinking I was so creative, came up with the idea of iamfashioncoco as my blog title.

A few years went by and I realized that this was not going to be my main focus. I took me a while to find my niche for the blog. I remember talking with Kolani about it a couple years back, telling him that I wanted to do a “re-branding” of my blog.

I can’t remember exactly when I decided to re-brand, it was either late 2018 or 2019, but it was actually Kolani who came up with chloscall.

At the time, I was doing a lot more ranting & raving posts as well as building my capsule wardrobe page. Because I was recommending a lot of different products, Kolani thought of it as Chlo’s Call, (or as a pun, similarly to close call).

And the rest is (somewhat) history! Since it’s my blog, it’s like I get to “call” the shots lol. Anyway I hope you guys liked this little insight on the “history” of my blog!

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