Shopping for Healthier Makeup | Skincare Update

Shopping for Healthier Makeup | Skincare Update

In my last post, I discussed the interesting things I learned about skincare health from an esthetician, which you can read here.

Today, I wanted to share an update of how my recent progress is going since the previous blog post.

This is an updated photo of my forehead skin congestion after just 3-4 days of not wearing any makeup! It’s crazy to think that the makeup I had been using was most likely the cause for all of these irritated, clogged pores.

Since I’ll be inevitably wearing makeup again eventually, I figured it would be a good idea to browse around to find new makeup with healthier ingredients for my skin.

My cousin, who has been an esthetician for ten years, recommended Mineral Fusion. She said she hadn’t tried their foundation, but the products she had tried had been great.

The importance mainly in whatever makeup brand you choose is to make sure it’s cruelty free, and sulfate (SLS) free.

I know some people might not think that finding a cruelty free brand is that important, but please believe that it is extremely important. A majority of makeup brands test on rabbits and beagles, and for what?

Animals don’t deserve that inhumane treatment, and we shouldn’t be supporting it by buying those products that harm them. All it takes is just a little extra research to make sure that the products you’re shopping aren’t supporting inhumane tactics. I mean, why would you want to shop products that had to be tested on animals first anyways?

So, why did I choose Mineral Fusion? Multiple reasons really. It’s made in the USA, its cruelty free, SLS free, and you can find it at Target! So it was everything I was looking for, plus conveniently located at Target, which I obviously shop at very frequently.

I had been looking for a new makeup brand for nearly a week and felt a bit discouraged after looking so many different products, websites, and ingredients. But after all the pro’s, and the fact that it was esthetictian recommended, I figured, why not?

With that said, I haven’t tried out the makeup yet, I’ve still been going makeup free (and loving it) to let my skin breathe and heal better. I’ll post a follow up review once I’ve tried the makeup (and include pics). I’m just so excited about this find, and I had to share it with you all!

If you want to check out their products, click the link here: www.mineralfusion.com

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