Reviewing Hellofresh

Reviewing Hellofresh

One question lingering on a lot of peoples minds, including mine, is if the Hellofresh delivery service is worth it. I was skeptical to try it, but one day at my local Target, I saw a new addition to the grocery section: Hellofresh kits.

My biggest hesitation was to spend the money on delivery. So when I saw the take home at kits at Target, I bought the four they had in stock immediately.

Also, I just wanted to get this out of the way, but this post isn’t sponsored-I’m blogging my honest feelings and experience with this service.

All the kits I took home were a huge hit-Kolani and I were incredibly impressed that we decided to go ahead and try the delivery service.

sirloin & sherry shallot sauce with garlic parm potato clusters and roasted green beans.
crispy hot honey chicken with roasted potatoes & broccoli.
parmesan-crusted chicken with lemony gemelli.
southwest beef & pepper jack tacos, with poblano & lime crema.

The meals below, are the recipes we’ve tried so far as apart of the delivery service.

amazing apricot chicken with roasted potatoes & green beans.
juicy lucy burgers with tomato onion jam & roasted broccoli.
pork & poblano tacos.

So, long story short, I’ve enjoyed Hellofresh immensely. It’s made cooking that much more fun for me, and it’s really so convenient! Each recipe has the exact amount of ingredients for whichever serving size you’ve chosen (2-4 people) so there’s absolute zero waste of food.

I’ve raved about Hellofresh so much to my friends and family, I would highly recommend trying it. Always be on the lookout for coupons and discounts though. If you’re shopping through the site, there will be frequent promos you can use to save when you’re first starting out!

If you’re lucky enough to find kits at Target, you can expect them to range from 13$ to 20$ per kit.

I hope you guys like this post! This is just one new discovery of mine I’ve been enjoying during self isolation.

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