down by the river | an adventurous morning in quarantine

down by the river | an adventurous morning in quarantine

I’m constantly looking for ways to keep myself busy as another day in quarantine approaches. This past weekend, Kolani and I found ourselves struggling with finding a purpose for the day. It was a little overcast and rainy, so I suggested we pick up some coffee and go for a drive, with an unknown destination.

Kolani finally got to repair his truck, so he offered to take his car for the drive, especially since he knows the area better than I do. We hopped into his truck, Ava in tow, and drove off to grab coffee.

After we grabbed, coffee, we went on nice drive down some winding roads in the rain. Eventually, Kolani took a turn and we ended up at this random river bed. Kolani told me it’s a popular area to float in during the Summer. But, given the current social state of the world (and the weather) it was deserted. It was just Kolani, Ava and I, enjoying the beauty of the PNW.

We skipped rocks, Ava splashed around, and it was such a wonderful beginning to our day. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I’m very grateful for appreciating the little things, like slow moments, during self isolation.

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