Fashion Industry Essentials | My YouTube Mini Series

Fashion Industry Essentials | My YouTube Mini Series

I’ve talked about the Fashion Industry Essentials program a few times on here, and if you’ve been interested in taking the course, then stay tuned.

Recently on my YouTube channel, I finished up a mini series discussing each course in detail of the Fashion Industry Essentials Program.

A little bit of a background for those who don’t know: I completed the program in 2017, and later used the certificate to become a Merchandiser for Mattel in 2019.

The Fashion Industry Essentials Program is an online program covering various aspects of the Fashion Industry such as: Fashion Visual Style, Design, Fashion Production, Media, Public Relations, and Marketing.

There are five courses total in the program, and each one of my videos discusses each course in detail, regarding the homework, structure, and subject.

Course 1: Unlocking Visual Style

Course 2: Thinking Like a Designer

Course 3: Understanding Fashion Production

Course 4: Working in Fashion Media

Course 5: Developing Fashion Marketing & Public Relations Skills

If you’re interested in signing up for the program click here: http://bit.ly/Chloe_FIE

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