Ilia Foundation Review

Ilia Foundation Review

It wasn’t long ago that I had told you all about my new quest to finding the perfect clean, cruelty free makeup. Originally, I was super excited about Mineral Fusion, and told you guys I would let you know what I thought of their makeup.

From the Mineral Fusion Products I tried, I liked everything EXCEPT the foundation. It was a huge pain to get the foundation out of the applicator, and the foundation came out super splotchy and was too light of coverage for my preference.

After searching for more clean & cruelty free makeup, I discovered Ilia. I read tons of great reviews, and I was intrigued by the fact that it was serum foundation. Through Sephora, I was able to match my foundation from the previous IT bb cream I used to wear. The old IT bb cream shade I wore looked too orange or dark for my skin, so I decided to do one shade lighter than the recommended shade Sephora picked out.

I chose the shade Corsica (light with golden undertones), and let me tell you, it’s PERFECT. I am so obsessed with this foundation. It’s so natural looking and matches my skin perfectly.

I’m going to include before and after photos below.

I’ve been taking a break from makeup the past couple weeks to let me skin breathe and give it a chance to clear up. I actually spoke with a esthetician and learned that the IT bb cream was most likely causing my forehead to breakout with skin congestion. You can read that post here.

And here’s my skin looked like with the Ilia foundation!

I didn’t add any concealer or highlighter, I just wanted to focus on the foundation itself and how it made my skin look.

The applicator was literally like how most serum applicators are, so I would dabble a couple drops across my cheeks, forehead, and chin.

Also, a great think about this makeup is you can add however much product on, depending on what type of coverage you prefer. So, for example, I put one coat on originally, and decided it was too light of coverage. Once I added on another coat, it was perfect for me! It looked like medium coverage which I prefer.

I hope you guys liked this post! I know how tricky it can be to find the makeup that best suits you. It makes me so happy to find a product that is not only just what I’ve been looking for, but also cruelty free, clean, and SLS free!!

Be sure to check out Ilia on the Sephora website (Ulta sadly does not carry it.)

Shop here: https://bit.ly/3htSGcU

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