Why I Decided to Diet

Why I Decided to Diet

We’re going to get up close and personal in today’s blog post. I thought some might enjoy reading about this kind of topic, and I’m also super proud of my efforts lately, so let’s just jump right in to it.

There has been such a divide in beliefs regarding weight gain and body image during quarantine. Some people are working their butts off to get into tip top shape during this time. Others are accepting that this is a difficult time and they shouldn’t feel pressured to workout.

While I completely understand both points of view, I’ve actually been team workout. This isn’t meant to bash those who haven’t been working out by any means-everyone is different and they can do as they’d like.

But for me, it’s not just about body image. I like to workout for my mental health. These times are filled with uncertainty, and it helps to have something relieve all the stress from the world.

Anyway. On top of working out, I’ve been starting to diet for the past week and a half or so. I don’t really believe in any by the book diet, but I do believe in cutting certain things out to be healthier.

I’ve cut back majorly on many things. I haven’t had fast food, sweets, soda, or many processed food for a few weeks now. I’ve cut back on alcohol, to mainly one drink a night, if that. If I’m eating anything that might be “heavy”, I try to balance it out by filling up the majority of my plate with veggies instead.

I’ve incorporated way more veggies and fruit into my diet as well. I’ve been taking advantage of having this time off at home to be more mindful of what I pick out to eat. It honestly surprises me how often I would overeat or grab something at Taco Bell “because it’s quick.”

So two things have greatly inspired this diet. The first being HelloFresh. I don’t have to tell you how hard it is to cook, let alone this frequently because of quarantine. It became exhausting, then I would just resort to fast food because I needed a break. But thank God for HelloFresh because it made cooking fun again, and I’m able to pick out healthier meals I want.

The second thing is birth control. I was recently put on a new birth control (thankfully with MUCH fewer side effects), and I found a super interesting article regarding women who experience weight gain while on birth control. It hasn’t been proven as a fact as to whether or not women can gain weight during birth control, because the testing would be very hard to do, but it is a popular theory.

In this article, I discovered so many interesting things about women’s bodies. The doctor in the article had suggested women on birth control who are trying to lose weight consume between 1,200 1,500 calories. Those numbers really put things into perspective for me. If you go back to what I was talking about earlier with HelloFresh and Taco Bell, I began to research my favorite meal at each and found that a delicious steak dinner from HelloFresh was 740 calories, whereas a quesarito at Taco Bell was 1,100 calories.

If you think about it, we don’t really think about the things we eat, especially when we are constantly go, go, go.

So since then, on top of working out, I decided to take my diet and food choices much more seriously. Again, not only for the purpose of body image, but just for a healthier lifestyle.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it was kind of a long one. If you’re feeling low about your body image, I totally get it, we’ve all been there. If you’re looking for a change, start incorporating more veggies and fruit! That’ll make you feel soo much better, I guarantee it.

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