Weight Loss Update | I Bought a Spin Bike!

Weight Loss Update | I Bought a Spin Bike!


Hi guys! I decided to share a fitness update with you all as a follow up to a recent post, Why I Decided to Diet. So if you guys read that post, you’ll know that I’ve been working out like crazy during this quarantine, and that I decided to reinvent my diet.

This might come off a little all over the place but I’m going to do my best to make it not confusing lol. So I’ve been self isolating/quarantined since mid March (but I’ll FINALLY be going back to work next week!! I’ll cover that in another post).

I started working out in March primarily to establish some sort of routine, and to keep my sanity. It definitely worked, but at that point I wasn’t really working out hard enough to achieve any drastic results, but I was toning up the littlest bit.

So fast forward to mid April, early May; I decided to change my diet. Because of being stuck inside and being exhausted from cooking so much, Kolani and I were ordering in food a lot.  We were trying to help support local businesses and like I said give me a break from cooking, but eventually we stopped because we weren’t eating healthy whatsoever.

And then I discovered HelloFresh, which you can read that whole post here. But basically it changed the cooking game for me and made it so much easier to cook healthier dinners for the two of. And along with that, I decided I would be cutting out a bunch of things from my diet, cutting back on a lot of food, and adding in healthier foods.

I completely cut out soda, fast food, and most processed foods & sugars. I began to shop for fresher foods, and started planning my meals more. I cut way back on alcohol, and honestly just became so much more conscious about what I was eating.

I had read a really interesting article about how women struggle to lose weight while taking birth control, and while there has been no actual study to prove that birth control can make women gain weight, it’s a very common belief. Basically the article said that women on birth control should be consuming between 1,200-1,500 calories a day. I never thought much about calories, or weight, as far as from the “numbers” perspective.

But I realized how I had been overeating  so much junk and I realized if I wanted to look better and stay healthy, I needed to make a change. So yeah, I covered that in the above article too, so you can read more there.

Fast forward to now, and I hesitantly decided to buy a scale and begin weighing myself frequently to keep track of my progress. I think the number on the scale should be taken lightly. A lot of personal trainers said that people often get discouraged when they step on the scale and see the number going up even when they’ve been working out constantly. But most times, it’s just because you’re building muscle.

So in the past week and half, I got a scale and a spin bike that I am OBSESSED with.


This bike has been one of the best investments I’ve ever bought. Spinning at home has been made very popular during quarantine by other bloggers I’ve seen. I thought I wouldn’t even be able to afford it but it was only 130$. I purchased it even though it said temporarily out of stock, but I ended up getting it later that week! If you want to shop it, click here.

Here’s the main thing I wanted to share in this post: between spinning, dieting, and weighing myself for the past week and a half, I’ve lost five pounds.

Again, I don’t take the numbers too seriously, but the fact that I’ve seen them consistently go down while eating better and doing virtual spin classes has been super encouraging for me to continue what I’ve been doing.

You guys know how hard it is to achieve body confidence. Even when you get to a point you’re proud of physically, there’s still gonna be low days where you criticize the way you look. It’s just how it is, it’s a vicious circle. But I hope this post inspires you, if you struggle with body image. Every body is beautiful and there is no mold you need to fit.


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