Staying at Cave B

Staying at Cave B

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog. For today’s post, I thought I would go into more detail reviewing our stay this past weekend at the Cave B Inn & Winery in Quincy, Wa.


If you haven’t already seen my Quincy vlog, I’ll link it here. So this past weekend we stayed two nights at Cave B, which was my first time in Quincy. Kolani and I have driven through it before on road trips, but I’ve never stopped and explored.

Since it’s such a small town and because we were staying so briefly, we pretty much stayed at the hotel our whole stay. It’s a big resort with spectacular views of the Columbia river, especially at sunset.


There were some beautiful areas surrounding the property, a majority of which Ava and I explored together.

This place was so dreamy considering all of the photo op’s that were available for bloggers such as myself. And I absolutely loved our room during our stay. It was spacious, pretty, and filled with AC which I adored since I am not friends with humidity.

As much as I loved the property, I have to say that both Kolani and I were pretty disappointed with the customer service here. I had initially arrived at 1:30pm, under the impression that check in had been at 11. The front desk associate told me (after I waited around in an empty lobby for about ten minutes) that my room was not ready yet.

I didn’t really mind that much, I figured it would be maybe another 10-15 minutes. After 20 minutes of trying to walk around and find shady spots for Ava since it was over 90 degrees, I went back in to ask about what time my room would be available. The associate then told me it would be ready at 4.

At this time I became annoyed, because I had driven 3 hours and would have to wait another 2 in blistering heat before I could relax and unwind in my room. I was told I would get a phone call at 4 to tell my room was ready. After waiting 2 hours, and about 15 minutes after 4, I didn’t get a call.

I walked back into the front desk to ask about my room, in which a new associate told me it had been ready. I became increasingly annoyed as to why I hadn’t received a call. Even if it were due to lack of communication, I was pretty unimpressed at this point.

I luckily found the room easily, but a confusing map and little to know signage out around the property left me to park way further than I needed to for my room.

After finally entering my room, I was able to relax a little bit. The room itself was truly beautiful, and the view spectacular. But the bad service left me uneasy. There were also several bugs we encountered in our room, however. A few spiders, centipedes, and other bugs wandered the floors and crept over the walls. Since this place was in the middle of the desert, I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, but because the cost of staying was so great, it did annoy us a little.

Later that night, Kolani and I tried to get a drink at the hotel restaurant but were told the restaurant was already closed. There was again no signage indicating the hours of when the restaurant was open. The night after that, we tried to come in again to get a drink and were told it was reservation only, something they failed to let us know the night before. They offered to make us a couple drinks to go, which we agreed to, but it seemed the gave us mocktails instead of our actual drinks. The server asked us if there was anything else we needed, although we did also ask her for two waters, we never saw those either. She turned and left us standing awkwardly in the lobby. Kolani and I looked at each other confused because we hadn’t been charged for our drinks.

Luckily we left the next morning before anymore dreaded encounters. I will say, we did end up having dinner at The Phoenix Pizza Co., which was wonderful and I would highly recommend!

Now, I’m anticipating some people might argue that due to COVID-19, things could be strained for the business and I’m well aware of that. But I had looked on Yelp and saw that there were several one star reviews going back 2-3 years, complaining about such service.

Considering that this hotel charges 433$ a night to stay in one of their yurts, you’d think the service would have been above and beyond.  It’s disappointing that a place with such great opportunity had little to no care. There was never a manager present, or a friendly employee.

I don’t want this post to be all negative, because we avoided any interaction with employees as much as we could, (although we shouldn’t have to). The room was lovely and the property was beautiful.

But would I recommend it? Absolutely not. Especially for their rates, you could definitely find somewhere cheaper and have a much better experience.


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