Weight Loss Update Part 3

Weight Loss Update Part 3


I hope you guys have been enjoying all of these weight loss updates! They’ve been super fun to write, and share my progress with you guys. My main intent is to to have these updates be motivating for those who might need that little push to get moving.

So the biggest and exciting part of this update is that I have officially lost 20 pounds! AHH! That’s been so crazy to say out loud but honestly I can’t believe how much progress I’ve made in just a little over a month by eating healthier and doing virtual spin classes.

What I do want to mention though, is that after hitting that mark, I’ve started putting a little less effort into eating healthier. And I guess subconsciously I’m thinking, “Oh, I already lost 20 pounds, I can eat this,” which, yes, having cheat meals every once in a while is okay.

But I’m reminding myself of all my hard work, and it would be horrible for me to start slacking off now. Personally, I’m halfway to where I’d like my ideal weight to be at. This is my own personal goal and just kind of where I’d like to see myself.

Apart of me is slightly paranoid that this whole weight loss thing has been too easy, and that I’ll be stuck in a rut at this halfway point. But, I’m just going to keep working hard, keep these updates coming, and let you guys know how it’s going!


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