My YouTube Channel | Merchandising Content

My YouTube Channel | Merchandising Content

Hey guys! I thought it had been awhile since I share a YouTube update, and figured it was about time I posted one for you all who might not know about it.

My YouTube channel has transformed into a great source of info for aspiring visual merchandisers. I’ve created an entire playlist on my channel dedicated to merchandising content. I’ve share tips and tricks about how to become a merchandiser, basic practices of merchandising, and also went through each lesson of the Fashion Industry Essentials Course.

I feel very proud of all this content I’ve put together because I feel like it’s been very helpful for some of my followers. To put something out there like this has been super fun, because merchandising is it generally talked about, and a lot of people don’t know what it is.

With that aside, I also post lifestyle videos, travel videos, Washington sightseeing videos, and so on. I’ve also pre-filmed a bunch of aesthetic style videos, which I have yet to share but I’m hoping too very soon.

As always, thank you guys for stopping by and reading! If you’d like to, go ahead and follow my blog and/or subscribe to my channel! It doesn’t seem like much, but it supports my content in a big way.


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