The Beach at Camano

The Beach at Camano


Last weekend, Kolani and I decided to go for a little drive North and take Ava to a beach on Camano Island. The beach was right near the Camano Island State Park entrance, and since neither of  had been, we thought it would be a fun mini family adventure.


We pretty much had the entire beach to ourselves which made for a very peaceful morning, just the tree of us. It was calm and quiet, and all you could hear was the waves crashing, seagulls screeching, and the rocks crunching beneath our shoes.

IMG_6236 (1)

We found a bunch a little of crabs scurrying around, and we decided to show them to Ava since she’d never really seen or inspected a crab before. She thought they were a treat and kept trying to nip at them, and I was worried one of them was going to pinch her, but luckily they didn’t!


IMG_6238 (1)

It was such a beautiful day out, there wasn’t any blistering heat like we’ve been getting lately. It was clear, warm, and we even did a small hike near the beach on the way back to my car.


I think we might actually venture out here again soon, apparently there’s a cute little breakfast spot that we need to check out! If we do so, I’ll be sure to do a little post on that as well.


All in all, this just seemed like the perfect little send off for the summer season. Each day I get more and more excited about Fall, and it’s starting to rub off on Kolani.

We had a great time at the beach, and if you find yourself in the area, you should definitely stop by! I couldn’t believe how clear the water was here.


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