What is MOOD?

What is MOOD?

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A couple weeks ago, I recently discovered that American Eagle Outfitters had started selling a cbd line called MOOD. It immediately peaked my interest, because I’m a big advocate for the holistic approach and honestly anything cbd, as it has greatĀ results.


The main reason I finally caved in to buy, was because there was a huge sale going on and I knew it was a sign that is was about time I stocked up.

I chose two different bath soaks and lotions, as most of their selection was already picked over. They do also have lip balms, pillow sprays, face oils, etc.

I first tried the lavender lotion and absolutely loved it. The lavender scent wasn’t overpowering at all, in my opinion, which is one of the reasons I loved it so much. I feel like lavender can be too much sometimes, so it was nice to find a therapeutic balance.

I also tried the lavender bath soak a few days ago, when I was experiencing a great amount of muscle aches. After soaking in the bath for a bit, I actually could feel a great difference. I finished the evening with yoga and stretches, and I felt as good as new.

There are many misconceptions with cbd, the main one being that “cbd gets you high”. No, it doesn’t. THC gets you high, not cbd. Cbd works to naturally calm you, which is why I am more in favor for cbd use rather than normal alternatives.

Especially since it’s on sale right now, I would highly recommend trying these products out! I can’t wait to buy more!


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