Inspired by Display: Boutique Style

Inspired by Display: Boutique Style

It’s FINALLY time for a new Inspired by Display post!

I’m so excited to get back into these again, share some photos, and hopefully start a discussion in the comments below! Don’t forget, I love hearing from you and would really like to know your thoughts!

In today’s Inspired by Display post, we’ll be looking at a local boutique style floor set inside a local store near me. It’s one of my favorite stores to visit, and I’m obsessed with the aesthetic and layout of the store.

Let’s take a look:


There are so many things that I personally love about the layout of this store. I love the fixtures, the lighting, the color schemes, and the added decor. What I love about setups like these is how personable and cozy it feels. When you’re in a store like this, you feel like you’re experiencing the environment and atmosphere of the store, not just shopping.

What do you think about this store, do you like the layout too? Let me know in the comments down below!

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