Inspired by Display: Sheepskin and Alpaca Specialties

Inspired by Display: Sheepskin and Alpaca Specialties

Welcome back for this weeks Inspired by Display post! Not going to lie, this is a pretty random store (in my opinion), so brace yourselves.

Sheepskin and Alpaca Specialties recently opened in a nearby mall, and it stuck out from the rest of the stores because of what their product was.

I peeked inside and saw tons of sweaters, socks, and other miscellaneous cozy things all made from sheepskin or alpaca fur. And while this isn’t a place I would shop at, I liked the way the merchandised their storefront windows.

The store only opened just last week, and I liked that they added some fall flair to their windows. The fall decor will absentmindedly remind customers that the weather will be getting cooler, and it might be time to shop for warmer clothes. Let’s take a look at the storefront display below:

What do you think of this display? Leave a comment! Also, If there’s a store you’d like me to cover, be sure to let me know! I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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