For a Friend Gift Guide

For a Friend Gift Guide

I decided to continue and improve the holiday gift guides in hopes that they help ease the stress of holiday shopping. I have a handful of gift guides/gift ideas planned so stay tuned! 🙂

For The Modern Witch:


spell book: https://bit.ly/318U9yV

tarot cards: https://bit.ly/3nMY2Dg

healing crystals & stones gift set: https://bit.ly/3lMMq1a

For The Old Soul:

marvelous mrs. maisel game of life: https://bit.ly/3dynjwf

bar set: https://bit.ly/3j05ibp

record player: https://bit.ly/316MUYm


For The Plant Lover:

watering can: https://bit.ly/314blWk

flower plant terrarium with wooden stand: https://bit.ly/3lMfIx8

sloth hanging planter: https://bit.ly/316Tm1v


I hope you enjoyed! Stay tune for the next gift guide.

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