For a Significant Other Gift Guide

For a Significant Other Gift Guide

In today’s gift guide, I’m focusing on gift ideas for a significant other in your life. I looked for items I felt could be easily given to any partner- man, woman, or other. I hope you enjoy the list!

Pirate Blue

A quality warm quarter zip sweater to keep your partner cozy warm while also looking stylish.

Kuhl Quarter Half Zip: https://bit.ly/2IzRFmR


Night sky star map, black background, not framed, large

A constellation map of a special date of your choosing; an anniversary, first date, birth of a child. Celebrate the stars on the evening of something symbolic for you and yours.

Constellation Map: https://bit.ly/3nLQEbn

Victoria's Secret, Victoria's Secret Satin Long PJ Set, Pink Fizz Stripe, offModelFront, 2 of 3

Affordable soft and satiny pajamas for the person who loves lounging in bed.

luxurious satin pajamas: https://bit.ly/3lOdKfz

A heavy weighted blanket to keep you and yours cuddled up and calm during a movie marathon.

weighted blanket: https://bit.ly/3nSYMqj

Scratch-off Love Coupons // DIY Valentines unique valentines image 0

Playful, handmade love coupons to add a spark of romance to an ordinary day.

love coupons: https://bit.ly/37egFtM

Custom Ornaments Hand Painted Ornament Custom Christmas image 0

Handmade, personalized ornaments you and yours can exchange and collect over the years to make decorating your tree a walk down memory lane.

ornament exchange: https://bit.ly/377IeFa

Below I have listed other gift ideas that maybe small in size, but grand in gesture.

Other Ideas:

a cuddly build a bear

an air bnb booking for a local getaway

xbox/amazon/target gift card


I hope you enjoyed this gift idea post!

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