Introduction to Visual Merchandising: What Is It?

Introduction to Visual Merchandising: What Is It?

Hi friends! Today is going to mark the beginning of sharing more visual merchandising information, practices and overall merchandising content here on the. I’ve shared a majority of my YouTube channel content around merchandising, so I felt it deserved a cozy home here too.

I want to kick off things to a simple start by addressing the most commonly frequently asked question: What is visual merchandising?

Visual merchandising is the practice of utilizing marketing techniques on the sales floor of a retail establishment to increase sales for a company. This involves floor sets, new product launches, window displays, and even shifting around product to a high traffic area.

While most people associate visual merchandising with retail stores and boutiques, you’ll realize that merchandising is done everywhere. Whether it’s decorating a living room, a restaurant displaying their alcohol selections at the bar, or a worker creating a superbowl display with boxes of Pepsi at the grocery store,  you’ll see that any form of creating an pleasurable display for the purpose of increasing sales is considered merchandising.

Is it merchandising a fun job?

Absolutely! Merchandising is a great to stay creative  on a regular basis. It’s exhilarating to come up with new ideas, overcome creative obstacles, and wow people with your work.

How do you become a merchandiser?

No one gets their dream job overnight, right? Especially with no experience. I often get a ton of questions about how someone should go about getting into the merchandising field, and it’s as simple as this: you need to start in retail.

Merchandising in general is going to go hand in hand with retail, and you have to start somewhere. Obviously, it will vary on the company and everyone’s journey will vary. I got my first retail job in 2014, and finally became a merchandiser in 2019. Let me share some tips of how I got there:

1. Apply for a retail job, then make it known to your supervisors that you’d like to assist on floor sets and product launches. Offer to dress mannequins so you can get hands on experience.

2. If you’re not advancing in one company, don’t be afraid to leave and grow somewhere else. Don’t let others in ability to see your potential stop you from seeing it yourself.

3. I did take a few fashion classes at my local community college, and later enrolled in the Fashion Industry Essentials Online Program through Yellowbrick. I earned a certificate and was able to build a portfolio of my assignments and projects while enrolled in the program. You can learn more about it here: http://bit.ly/Chloe_FIE‌ ‌

4. Make sure to keep your resume updated, and include only relevant experience that will help secure a merchandising position. I was unemployed for a couple months, and in that time I learned some helpful tips to update my resume from an unemployment office and I think that played a big part during my own interview for a merchandising position.
I know it can seem a little overwhelming when you’re beginning you’re merchandising journey, (I know, I’ve been there), but I’m hoping that with this series of merchandising posts, I can help you get to that point of where you’d like to be.

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