Dining at Willmott’s Ghost

Dining at Willmott’s Ghost

I recently went on a very exciting trip to the city to have lunch at WIllmott’s Ghost, a restaurant located inside the Amazon Sphere’s in downtown Seattle.

One of the best parts about Seattle, in my opinion, is the variations in modern and innovative architecture. When the Amazon Sphere’s opened to the public in early 2018, it quickly became a must see spot for both tourists and locals alike.

This past weekend, I ventured into the city specifically to grab lunch with my friends at Willmott’s Ghost, a new contemporary Italian restaurant. I will just start off by saying the interior design is whimsical; there are hints of retro style that shine through the overall art deco ambiance.

It’s definitely a very instagrammable spot.

We ordered three different dishes and shared them all. The food was fantastic, and perfect for sharing, I would highly recommend visiting here not only for the friendly staff and beautiful atmosphere, but obviously for the food!

For more inside the restaurant, be sure to watch my vlog about it coming soon!

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