Midnight Sun Book Review

Midnight Sun Book Review

Well, it took awhile, but here we are. It’s been almost three full months since I got my hands on a copy of Midnight Sun, so why I have I only just finished it?

Could it be because of work, because of the craziness of the world or because the book was ultimately unsatisfying? Let me tell you, a little of all three.

I will say, when I first mentioned I was going to be reading the book, I was greeted with inevitable eyerolls and scoffs as to why I, an early twenty something, would be reading a twilight book all these years later.

Well like many of you, I had a twilight phase, and was over the moon to have the distraction from the world and be sucked back into the world of grumpy vampires and cold rainy Washington stereotypes (as inviting as that sounds).

But to my dismay, shortly after starting this book, I was in a state of annoyance, wondering how in the world I would finish the 600+ paged book. Yes, it seemed to me that I was no longer riding the Twilight fandom train.

So just a quick recap, Midnight Sun is Twilight but from Edward’s perspective. I was looking forward to hearing more details about Edward’s life, since he always appeared to be so mysterious and had lived forever and I thought I’d be learning some interesting things about him

Turns out Edward whines and overthinks way more than I ever thought possible. Honestly how can he live with himself for questioning every move and reaction of a blank faced girl who has the personality of cardboard.

It pained me to read this, and some of you might wonder why did I not just simply stop reading? Because I hate leaving unfinished books, and I was determined to finish it one way or another, no matter how long it took me. But man, what a torturous three months of not so pleasurable reading.

This book did nothing but solidify that Twilight is non-magical sparkling fluff that develops into nothing but a dangerously over dramatic and toxic teenage relationship.

A part of me is sad that it was nowhere near as enjoyable as I thought it would be, but at least it’s all behind me now and I can move on.

Also, nothing personal for the people who enjoyed the novel and are still fans, it just wasn’t for me. 🙂

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