American Eagle | Gift Guide

This gift guide is filled with a bunch of cute things on my list at American Eagle!

Disney X AE Fleece Crew Neck Sweatshirt

AEO Plaid Flannel PJ Jogger Pant


AE Corgi Slipper

AE Cozy Sherpa Quarter Zip Sweatshirt









AEO Plaid Flannel Short PJ Set

AE Oversized Plaid Button Up Jacket

AE Pointed Toe High Heel Boot

AE Sherpa Lace Up Boot

AE Snowflake Crew Sock


AEO Snowman Beanie








Aerie Fairisle Beanie

AEO Tinsel Candy Cane Headband










disney x ae crew neck sweatshirt:

aeo plaid flannel joggers:

ae corgi slippers:

cozy sherpa quarter zip:

aeo plaid flannel short pj set:

ae oversize plaid button up jacket:

ae pointed toe high heel boot:

ae sherpa lace up boot:

ae snowflake crew sock:

aeo snowman beanie:

aerie fairisle beanie:

aeo tinsel candy cane:

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