Blessings on Thanksgiving

Blessings on Thanksgiving

Today I wanted to attempt to create a meditate, reflective post. I know I’ve been putting out a ton of gift guides lately (because they’ve honestly been so much fun to make) but I also just want to slow my roll for a bit and take a moment to focus on other things.

With the holidays quickly approaching, I like to take a moment to remind myself of what I love most about this time of year. I think it’s always very important to  remind yourself of everything you do have and being grateful for it, rather than focusing on what you do not have.

Even though this year has been far from great, and it’s safe to say that I (and others) didn’t get everything we wanted, there’s still plenty of “simple” things to be thankful for.

I think if this difficult year has taught us anything, it’s  to focus on your well being, your physical and mental health, and strengthening bonds with family members.

I am so fortunate and grateful that my family is in good health, that I have a job, that I have my own car, that I have a roof over my head, that there’s food on the table, etc. I’m also very happy to have Kolani by my side and our sweet adorable pup Ava.

It’s important to remember that the things you can be grateful for don’t have to be anything huge. If you didn’t get to go on a trip this year, you can always go next year. If you weren’t able to find a better job, you’ll find one in time.

Remember to never take anything for granted and not to live too far into the future because you’ll miss what’s going on around you right now. Even thought you might anxious for new things, just remember that someone is envious of the things you already have.

I hope you have safe and wonderful thanksgiving.

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