Our Engagement Story

Our Engagement Story

My 26th birthday was extra special this year. As Kolani entered the downtown Seattle on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I didn’t know anything special was about to happen.

Kolani was trying to convince me to go to the top of the space needle with him, although since I’m slightly afraid of heights, I wasn’t too excited about the idea. He promised me I would like it and that it would be fun so eventually I agreed to go, because I didn’t want to bum him out.

We took the elevator to the top of the space needle, and roamed around a few times taking in the view. After a little while, I couldn’t understand why Kolani wanted to stay up there and circle around. He didn’t want me walking on his left side either (because he thought the bulkiness of the ring box in his pant pocket would give everything away).

We’re both pretty big introverts so we were getting more and more anxious with random tourists crowding us. I thought we were just looking for an emptier spot to get some photos, but that wasn’t exactly it- obviously.

Eventually the crowd scattered enough for Kolani to get down on one knee, and propose. In a way I felt like I kind of saw it coming, because I could tell something was bothering him, he had been acting very nervous.

I feel like it still hasn’t really set in yet, I mean it did only happen a few hours ago but still. We’re slowly realizing the new exciting chapter ahead of us and it’s such a crazy feeling. I feel over the moon to be celebrating a holiday engagement.

Happy Holidays everyone <3

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