My Mini Merchandising Guide!!

My Mini Merchandising Guide!!

I am so excited to finally announce the arrival of my mini merchandising guide!

A little while ago, I was sitting in my cozy living room thinking of ways I could expand my platforms and fellow merchandisers and aspiring merchandisers more access to affordable resources.

I’ve always suggested books, classes, and online programs, but it hadn’t seriously occurred to me that I should or could make something of my own to share with you.

So after much thought, outline and editing, I present to you my first ever mini merchandising guide. I’m so excited to be sharing the newest addition to the blog, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing and creating it.

In my first ever merchandising guide, I’m sharing tips and tricks of how to successfully begin your journey into the visual merchandising world. I’ll be sharing my story, the basics and variations of merchandising, as well as other resources I believe will help you reach your fill merchandising potential.

I’d also just like to say a big thank you in advance for buying this guide and supporting my blog. I’m hoping to create more guides in the future so reviews, feedback, and any other questions are greatly appreciated!


An amateur fashion industry educator with a passion for merchandising and marketing. Bringing you dreamy content from my little blogging nook attempting to get one step closer of achieving my dream of being a stay at home dog mom.

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