Is Merchandising Right for Me?

Is Merchandising Right for Me?

A lot of people ask about merchandising positions all the time. What’s it like to be a merchandiser, how do I get there etc. Maybe you’re not one of those people quite yet, but you’re wondering if you would be a good fit for a merchandising position.

So, you’ve discovered the world of merchandising, looks pretty cool huh? Since you’ve already done your research, you know that visual merchandising is the practice of setting up engaging displays in order to encourage customers to purchase products and increase sales.

Essentially, you’re making things look pretty so customers will want to buy them. Easy, right? Not always, but it’s definitely a fun job. Being a fashion/visual/retail merchandiser requires you to stay up to date on trends among other things.

You’ll need to be able to easily recognize popular trends and incorporate them into your displays. This keeps you current and relevant at your job, you’ll be able to relate to customers on a stylish and relevant level.

Merchandising is definitely a creative career field, so having the ability to adapt creatively in a timely manner is key. Along with creativity, there can be many stressful deadlines for you to meet- whether it’s product launches, floor sets, or other product executions.

There is plenty of on the job training to ensure you’ll learn everything you need to know when you officially start your career as a merchandiser. If you’re looking for additional tips and tricks, be sure to check out either my merchandising guides or videos on YouTube.

Long story short, if you are someone who is up to date on trends, prefers a creative work environment and can handle stress well, merchandising would be a great opportunity for you. Check out my similar posts below to learn more.

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