New Home Decor Mood Board

New Home Decor Mood Board

I don’t know what it is but with this New Year I’m very excited to get a head start on Spring decor and brightening up my house with a little greenery. Here are some of the things that I have my eye on.

1. leaf garland: https://bit.ly/3pMR3uk

2. cherry bonsai tree light: https://bit.ly/3n99yaE

3. wreath: https://bit.ly/3oducaK

4. hanging leaf planter: https://bit.ly/3hQRzot

5. dusk candle: https://bit.ly/38af4Fs

6. leaf pillow cases: https://bit.ly/356Bl5g

7. hanging vines: https://bit.ly/2X41qxw

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