Home Favorites

Home Favorites

At some point this year, Kolani and I will be starting renovations on our house, and looking at home decor has been my new down time hobby. I can’t wait to decorate soon! Here are some of my picks.

1. Floral Taper Candle Set: https://bit.ly/35bMbXA

2. Bath Tray Caddy: https://bit.ly/3rRdCzR

3. Circle Wall-Mounted Stem Vase: https://bit.ly/358PKhb

4. Stoneware Plate Set: https://bit.ly/3pSgN8n

5. Coffee Scoop: https://bit.ly/3b4MQOs

6. Utensils Holder: https://bit.ly/3bfENOG

7. Mug Storage Tree: https://bit.ly/392JrNh

8. Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories Set: https://bit.ly/3b4bUVT

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