Why Job Requirements Are Terrible

Why Job Requirements Are Terrible

Hi, friends! Today’s Ranting & Raving is going to be about a couple things that have been bothering me lately: job requirements and schooling.

It’s safe to say that last year put the world in a chaotic state with the stress of unemployment due to the pandemic. Many are still looking for jobs, while others are looking for side gigs to help pay the bills. It’s definitely an uneasy time for a lot of us.

To try to boost my personal savings up a bit, I was browsing for side gigs I could easily do in my downtime. It’s already difficult to look for a legitimate second job since many remote/online jobs/side gigs often seem too good to be true. But that wasn’t the first thing that worried me.

After looking a handful of ‘available’ job opportunities, I noticed that every single one of them have unrealistic and almost impossible requirements. I’ve realized this before in the past, when applying for jobs. I think it’s bothering me more now because so many are desperately trying to find work.

I’ll read a job description, and read that although it’s entry level, the job requires a BA/BS degree plus 3-5 years of experience for 14$ an hour. Where do I even start?

So here’s the thing, I think school is amazing and if it were free, I would 100% be attending. But because of student loan debt fears, I’ve opted out of furthering my education so I wouldn’t have to be crushed by the pressure of never ending debt.

If you do go to school, I don’t less of you at all. Obviously school is great because knowledge is power and I’m supportive of my friends and family who choose to go. It’s just not for me. I’ve always said that the cost of school shouldn’t hinder you from going which is exactly what happened to me.

A lot of the times even when you’re graduation with said BA/BS in aforementioned job posting, the employer is looking for someone who has had years of on the job experience only to pay you a laughable wage.

How is that fair? How is someone who just went through years of schooling able to make a living or pay off debt with a demanding job that barely pays above minimum wage? It’s actually super disrespectful in my opinion.

I remember in high school when I became friends with some foreign exchange students, I was incredibly envious when they told me that going to college was free, or next to nothing to attend.

I don’t want this to turn into a whole political thing about the difference in operation of other countries, but I think the employment standards here in the U.S. are just ridiculous.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, but how are you going to get experience if the employer doesn’t give you the opportunity to gain it?

I’ve heard that more and more employers are shying away from such requirements, but I’ve yet to actually see it happen.

That’s my little opinion of the day today, do you guys feel the same? If you’d like me to put together a blog post for side gigs or other helpful resources, leave a comment down below.

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