Ava’s Amazon Doggy Wishlist

Ava’s Amazon Doggy Wishlist
This is my pup Ava. She’s a three year old Corgi Mini Aussie Mix, AKA an Auggie.

I’ve been putting a list together of things that I really want to get Ava. I like to go through her toys and toss the ones that are far beyond repair. I also really enjoy finding toys that will keep her stimulated and/or safe. Here are the unique things I found for her on Amazon. (The links below may be affiliate links. Shopping through them could earn myself a small commission and support the blog).

1. Pet Travel Bag: https://bit.ly/35NwVAx Kolani and I love taking Ava out on adventures or road trips. Having your dog with you in the car can be a lot like having a little kid to entertain, so I think this bag is great to carry all of the essentials around wherever your next adventure leads you.

2. LED Collar: https://bit.ly/3nORR0b I love this one because our backyard is currently very poorly lit, and if I want to play with Ava in the evening, I’d like to be able to see her when I’m tossing the ball for her in the backyard. It’s a great cheap way to easily and safely keep an eye on your pet.

3. Outward Hound Doggy Puzzle: https://bit.ly/3oSczNZ I discovered doggy puzzles I think about two years ago and they are easily one of Ava’s favorite toys! She’s a very smart breed, so getting toys that will mentally stimulate and challenger her are a must to prevent her from getting bored. So far, Outward Hound is my favorite doggy puzzle brand, and they have TONS of different puzzles to choose from!

4. Stuffing Free Toy: https://bit.ly/3oPEQ7T Ava is definitely a semi-aggressive chewer and toy player- I could bring home a cute toy from Target and within 20 minutes she has the stuffing ripped out already. When I saw these stuffing free toys on Amazon, I thought they would a perfect alternative. They come in different sizes and animals too!

5. Birthday Box Gift Set: https://bit.ly/3oUcVnp At this point in the post, it’s probably pretty easy to tell that I am 100% an obsessive dog mom. So the idea of a Birthday gift set is essential in my mind. Typically I make Ava a little dog friendly birthday cake and take her to petco for a toy, and starbucks for a pup cup, but I love this idea too! If you’re not sure when your pets birthday is, you can always celebrate their gotcha day!

6. Dog Treat Dispenser Ball: https://amzn.to/35KVw9e These were the first puzzle like toys I tried out with Ava back when we lived in our old apartment and she took to these like a moth to a flame. There are all sorts of variations of treat balls out there and Ava is definitely a food motivated pup so this toy was great for her to be rewarded while she figured out the puzzle.

7. Doggy Macarons: https://bit.ly/3nN5Bsl Doggy Macarons. Need I say more? As if I weren’t obsessed with Paris and Ava enough as it is, I practically squealed when I saw these online. Definitely going to get these soon, they’re just too cute! What will they think of next?!

8. Glowing Chuckit Ball: https://bit.ly/3bIhqO3 This ball goes hand in hand with the aforementioned LED collar. I want to be able to see Ava at night when we’re playing and also find out where the ball went when she’s unable to find it herself. (Anything from the chuckit brand is a winner for me, I love their products!)

9. Furhaven Pet Bed: https://bit.ly/3nPq1kz Lastly, closing out this list is this super comfy looking bed. Kolani and i have been wanting to switch out her bed we have in our room that she sleeps on, and this one in particular caught my eye. Ava is a very cuddly (and funny) sleeper; she loves to curl herself up in a nice warm blanket or sleep under the covers/under our bed. I figured this bed would give her the best of both worlds so she could curl up with the “lights out” while she napped or slept.

I hope you enjoyed this list! Ava and I had fun making it 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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