Getting Married Post 1: How to Get Your Husband to Be Excited About Planning

Getting Married Post 1: How to Get Your Husband to Be Excited About Planning

I can hear the faint sound of wedding bells ringing which can on only mean one thing-wedding planning has officially begun!

I’ll admit, it’s a very slow start to planning and I don’t really know where to begin exactly. I thought, before I started, how could I get Kolani excited about planning the wedding? A quick easy answer: you don’t. I mean at least, not really, but everyone is different.

I wanted his opinion on little things so that way it didn’t feel all “me, me, me”. I’ve gotten him to answer a few questions, but I decided to turn to my followers for feed back, and this is what I got.

“I think he will start to get more into as it becomes more tangible. You’ll probably see a shift once you go to a venue or taste desserts together.”

“I think with guys and weddings a lot of times they’re happy if you’re happy! People keep telling me this but I”m starting to believe it honestly. Myself and three of my friends are all planning right now an dour guys are in the same boat.”

“Let me know some answers because my man is the same.”

“I imagine when yo start looking at venues and doing menu tasting etc. it might help? My husband was very into wedding planning. We’d make brewery dates where we’d bring a binder and laptops and research together/make appointments with vendors and even had a Pinterest together for our vision. It was really fun! Making a date night of like- let’s pick our wedding beers or cocktails etc. might help! And do a little self tasting at home.”

“My husband was no help either. He just wanted it to be how I wanted it to be. I just asked for the details where he would be super involved what he would want.”

“I’m just going to save you time and say you won’t get him as excited as you are about planning. Just tell him where to be on what day and take care of the planning yourself.”

It was so insightful to see everyone’s response because they were all slightly different. I definitely liked the idea of having date nights regarding planning or going out together to see venues to get us both a bit excited.

I think the main takeaway is that if your spouse doesn’t get all jazzed up about it, to not take offense to it or take it personally. Involve them as much as you can, and then take control of your special day!

As I learn more about planning, I’d like to continue to share more wedding content here on the blog to help others out there with similar concerns. I may be starting wedding vlogs on my YouTube channel soon as well, so be sure to follow the blog and subscribe to my channel! I’ll see you in the next one.

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