Inspired by Display: Francesca’s

Inspired by Display: Francesca’s

I’m finally back with a new Inspired by Display post that I saw when I was on my way to getting a cup of coffee. I thought it was such a cute Valentine’s Day boutique style that I knew I had to share.

Apart from Francesca’s typical overbearing customer service (which always turns me off), they often times present cute and simple visual displays.

Although to me I don’t really like the shoe boxes under the table, I think it’s a great small presentation of cute Valentine’s Day themed merch, brilliantly executed right in front of the store entrance to invite customers in.

As I was about to take the photo, I noticed some women walking past, the store, hesitating when they saw the display. So what caught their eye? Maybe the cute dress, bag, accessories, or color scheme.

Either way, this a wonderful example of how to take advantage of holiday and seasons to keep customers intrigued with what is “current”. This is why I always talk about how important it is to pay attention to trend forecasting (you can read more about it in my merchandising guide part 2).

What do you think of this display? Let me know down in the comments!

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