Black Buck Book Review

Black Buck Book Review

I literally just finished this book a few moments ago and I’m still trying to process everything I just read. After about the halfway mark, there are so many things jam packed into the novel that leaves you on the edge of your seat until the end. Even the last page of the novel leaves you shocked with an unsuspecting turn.

This book was strongly recommended to me by a friend and fellow book lover. I talked about it a little bit on my instagram earlier, discussing how this book made me feel. TW: this book is filled with racism and micro aggressions, among other things.

Initially, this book made me upset and uncomfortable- but for the right reasons. It reminded my of how schools were trying to ban To Kill a Mockingbird from required reading because it made people too uncomfortable to read because of the subject matter, but that’s the whole point of making it required reading.

I saw Black Buck the same way. The protagonist, Darren Vender, is given an opportunity to leave his predictable and comfortable job as shift supervisor at Starbucks to become an SDR at a startup marketing company. Darren quickly becomes targeted solely because of the color of his skin. I was outraged reading how people were treating him and talking to him. White colleagues referred to him as brother, said he looked like any black person they could think of, among other horrible things (it gets progressively worse, so be prepared for horribly racist acts and attacks).

I think micro aggressions like these happen everyday and some don’t pay that much attention to it. Because sometimes if it’s not a direct racial attack, some people just turn their cheeks the other way. I would definitely recommend this book. It’ll make you uncomfortable, angry and open your eyes to issues that happen every day.

I couldn’t put this book down, and found myself furiously flipping through chapters like a mad woman. You’ll find yourself struggling who to root for as the story twists and turns uncomfortably, with characters slowly losing their sanity.

Get Black Buck Here: https://amzn.to/2Zi4UNS

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