Fashion Business Essentials: Course One Review | Entrepreneurship & the Fashion System

Fashion Business Essentials: Course One Review | Entrepreneurship & the Fashion System

In a recent post, I told you all about the new Fashion Business Essentials course by Parsons x WWD. I’m so excited to be included on the advisory panel for this course so I’m able to see the course firsthand and tell you how it’s going!

In the first course, the program focused on Entrepreneurship & the Fashion System. I personally found this first course very interesting. Reading about how much the fashion industry has changed within the past few years.

Nowadays, it’s become more commonly seen for people to launch their own business. No longer are people looking to be hired under someone and become apart of the fashion industry, that’s old news.

I’ve noticed it myself, more and more of my peers are making announcements on social media of their new business launching. I think it’s inspiring to see, and to know now that because it’s become more common, it’s also become a little easier to achieve.

Half of this course is focused on entrepreneurship which again I really liked. The rest of the course focused on sustainability which I also believe to be another recent major focus of the industry. Within the past few years, consumers have begun to question the ethics behind the production of fashion.

Where is it being produced? Is the factory safe, are the working conditions humane? Will the production of these items positively or negatively impact the environment? These questions were merely whispered throughout the industry before.

But as time progresses, designers are realizing that the fate of the industry is in consumers hands. People no longer care about what the celebrities are wearing, because influencers are now dominating the market.

Thanks to our persistence, we are slowly making an impact on the industry and turning the old ways into the new ways.

I can’t wait to start the next course of the program! To read more, check out the program here: http://bit.ly/FBE_Chloe


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