How to Get Into Visual Merchandising

How to Get Into Visual Merchandising

I’m making 2021 the year to finally get into your dream career. For a lot of you, that dream career is visual merchandising (or so I hear). Here are tips of how I became a merchandiser, and what can help you get there too.

I have plenty of more merchandising posts and other resources, which I’ll link below! For now, let’s get started with the basics.

1. Retail

I know you want to dive head first into the merchandising world, but it’s just not realistic. Everyone, including the greats, had to start somewhere. To familiarize yourself with the industry and basic merchandising practices, you’ll need to get a job in retail. Be sure to volunteer for assistance with product launches and floor sets.

2. Knowledge

If your local community college offers fashion industry classes, take them. If you find highly reviewed merchandising books, read them. Knowledge is power. And as much as you need hands on experience, textbook knowledge is always helpful as well. You can check out my picks for books here: https://chloemaison.com/merchandising-marketing-books/

I took the Fashion Industry Essentials online course, and am currently taking the Fashion Business Essentials online course. Check out the Fashion Industry Essentials course here: http://bit.ly/Chloe_FIE‌ and check out the Fashion Business Essentials here: http://bit.ly/FBE_Chloe

I have also written two merchandising guides (featured below) that give you extra, personal insight into the merchandising industry.

3. Network

Between work and school comes networking. Your surrounding yourself with peers who have the same dreams, and people in the industry who can lead to those dreams. Connect with them, talk with them, and add them on linkedin. Someone always “knows a guy” that could be just the person you need.

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