How Merchandising Affects Sales

How Merchandising Affects Sales

We all know that there are plenty of creative ways to merchandise. It’s like a never ending goal to always try to out-create yourself and execute the coolest displays. But there’s more to merchandising then just making something look pretty. If your displays aren’t generating sales, there’s gonna be problems.

Wait- How does merchandising affects sales?

The whole point of merchandising is to create a display that encourages customers to shop the product you are essentially advertising. Cooler, relatable displays typically result in more sales.

Merchandising is how a merchandiser can generate sales instead of using flashy sale signs. But as I said earlier, it’s not just cool displays but relatable displays that will get a customers attention and likely generate sales.

I talk a lot about this in my merchandising guides as well, you can check those out below.

Think of how stores merchandise product according to season or the latest trends. Passersby will realize that they need these items in order to remain trendy.

Now think of when you’re shopping online. Let’s face it, a majority of our shopping experiences are all done digitally now. You can look at clothes or accessories online, see how it’s worn on a model, see how it’s styled, etc.

Just like with in store merchandisers, there are also merchandisers for websites, also known as site merchandisers or digital merchandisers. Their goal is the same as regular retail merchandisers. Maximize sales for customers by putting together. If you want to learn more about digital merchandising, check out my video below.

When you’re a merchandiser for a specific brand, your job is to best represent the house name with on brand merchandising. If you think of how some stores are set up, you might remember how some have very specific product layouts or merchandising techniques. This is important to maintain, especially for customer loyalty.

Obviously, the amount of sales generated doesn’t weight solely on the merchandiser. Customer service and product knowledge are also very important when finalizing a sale.

Still, merchandising is a very important job. Your creativity must remain on brand and connect with customers.


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