How Merchandising Works

How Merchandising Works

We’ve covered a lot of basics: what is merchandising, what types of merchandising is there, how does it affect sales, etc. In today’s post, we’ll look at how merchandising actually works.

There are many achievements to be had as a merchandiser. You need to meet deadlines, complete product launches, floor sets and even brainstorm how to “re-invent” products in the store that aren’t selling.

The main purpose of merchandising is to connect with the customer. And it seems a little out of reach, the idea that you can connect someone via clothing. But people are very emotionally connected to fashion.

I talk about this more in my first merchandising guide, you can check either of my guides out below.

We use fashion to represent ourselves, it’s sort of like brand identity. You want to showcase your style, your personality, your wealth. Fashion is used for multiple reasons, and almost all are emotional.

Fashion is art, try to change my mind.

Connecting with Customers

You see an outfit, a display, a mannequin, a blogger, a flatlay on instagram. If you go in and buy a piece of clothing, merchandising has worked it’s magic on you. Same for double tapping that cute flatlay on instagram. These are a few examples of the emotional connection we have to clothing.

a flatlay I did on my instagram @chlos.call

Brand Identity

As a merchandiser, one of your top priorities is to perfectly represent the brand. Each brand has a certain aesthetic that can’t be found anywhere else. That’s what draws customers to specific brands. This will most likely be in your training as you learn your store’s merchandising standards and practices, but you are representing this brand through your displays.

You must do it right and you must do it well.


As a good merchandiser, you’ll be able to notice and pick up on trends quite easily. Another element of your job is to provide the newest styles and trends that customers are searching for online, or in store. Similarly to connecting with customers, you also need to understand their needs. They’re expecting you have what they’re looking for.

An easy way to guarantee that you do have what they need is through displays, maybe even storefront displays. Subtly showcasing that they have that specific items they’ve been looking for will send customers and drive sales up.


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