The Midnight Library Book Review

The Midnight Library Book Review

I picked up this book after I was struggling with another read. Although it’s not a genre that I typically read, I found the book interesting and very reflective of what’s really important in the perception of life.

TW: This book contains mental health issues, depression, suicidal thoughts and suicide.

The book focuses on protagonist Nora Reed, who is severely struggling with depression, and obsessing over how her life has turned out. Nora feels unfulfilled, like she has never accomplished anything great and that she’s let everyone down.

After taking her life, Nora stumbles into the Midnight Library- a special place in between life and death where Nora is able to experience different versions of her life that take place in a parallel universe.

The librarian, Mrs. Elm, gives Nora the opportunity to temporarily live her other lives in order to figure out what she really wants, proving that there are other possibilities out in the world instead of death.

I didn’t particularly care for the writing style of this book, but that doesn’t mean it was bad. I think it could be very enjoyable for other people, it just wasn’t my favorite. I did really enjoy the concept of the book though-the idea of being able to read alternate lives through books in a magical library- you have to admit that’s pretty original.

You can check out the book here: https://amzn.to/3pxLu3d


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