Untamed Book Review

Untamed Book Review

For about a month or so, I was determined to get my hands on this book. I was seeing it everywhere, all over social media, recommended by so many women. It seemed as if there was something special about this book that every woman could relate to, uniting us through words. I had high expectations, and I have to admit, those expectations fell flat.

Maybe it’s my fault, like I should have researched the book more before giving in and buying a copy. I seemed to have the mentality that “everyone is reading it so it must be good”. That’s not necessarily true.

I remember in high school in my AP English classes, having to read assign classics that I didn’t understand what all the hype was about. Not all books are meant to be everyone’s holy grail, and I get that. When I said my favorite book was Catcher in the Rye, I was greeted with the same response as someone who would say their favorite book was The Great Gatsby.

Untamed was frequently out of stock at Target, they could barely keep it on the shelf which furthered my curiosity about the draw to this book. The first few chapters in, I was a bit confused on the story. It seemed to be a narrative, but ended up being an author’s memoir basically.

The first few chapters or so I found enjoyable. I thought, I don’t know why this author is, but maybe I’ll check out her other books to find out who she really is. About a quarter of the way through the book, I thought about not finishing this book.

The author came off as pretentious, like she knew every answer to life that any woman could be going through and it rubbed me the wrong way. But look, I get it, there was a lot in this book that I could not relate too. I haven’t been divorced, I don’t have kids, I haven’t had a midlife crisis, I’m not religious and I’m not gay. I’m not at all bashing any of those things, but it made it difficult for me to relate to the book when it covered such a variety of topics I’ve never experienced.

It kind of seemed like I was sitting in an awkward religious ted talk. The author just constantly repeating the same ideologies that work for her won’t necessarily work for everyone. I found myself having to take frequent breaks from reading to get away from all her “preaching”.

And, there was one brief chapter towards the end when she complains about enlisting her kids in sports to help them cope with the divorce and I was fuming. She didn’t want to “dedicate weekends to driving all over the states just for some tournament”. When her daughters started getting really good at gymnastics, she pulled them out of it. When her ex-husband and wife encourage her to have one of her daughters try out for an elite soccer team, she was repulsed.

It seemed so selfish to me and to have that part of the book towards the end left me with a bad taste in my mouth from this overall reading experience for me.

If you enjoyed this book, I’m glad. This is just my opinion of what I read (I mean duh it’s a review). We don’t have to like the same books, but just like the Great Gatsby, it’s not my favorite.

Untamed: https://amzn.to/2Qc9YSE


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