Recent Target Buys

Recent Target Buys

In the beginning, I was one of those people who wasn’t going to download TikTok, because I grew up in the Vine era. Then eventually when the pandemic really hit and I was stuck at home, I became weak and downloaded app. Because of this, I’ve had a growing list of products recommended to me by TikTok.

In this post, I have a handful (not all) of products that I bought because of what I had heard and seen on TikTok. I’m breaking it down below between two sections: TikTok buys and my old holy grail faves.

(not all products pictured, this post may contain affiliate links).

TikTok Buys:

cerave SA lotion: I learned that this is one great solution to clearing up keratosis pilaris on your legs or arms, aka strawberry skin/chicken skin. order it here: https://goto.target.com/Ygg3zK

palmer’s skin therapy oil: this was a highly recommended product to use for fading stretch marks. it smells delicious and reminds me of summer! order it here: https://goto.target.com/Kee35v

maybelline rocket volume express mascara: the best drugstore mascara as recommended by a makeup artist. super cheap and worth the try! order it here: https://goto.target.com/7mmkgV

differin adapalene gel: I’ve used this product for a little while on my blemishes, but recently learned that it works great on stretch marks as well! can you say add to cart? order it here: https://goto.target.com/LPP3k3

fabric shaver: this just seemed like a good product to have on hand. it helps with removing pilling from old clothing and sweaters. definitely a must have! order it here: https://goto.target.com/qnnXdq

daisy crossband slide sandals: I’ve seen so many posts about the cute spring fashion at target, and although these specific sandals weren’t pointed out in any of the videos I saw, I know they were simple, cute, and would be easy to style with nearly any outfit. order it here: https://goto.target.com/DVVzxG

Old Holy Grails:

frankbody coffee scrub: an oldie but goodie that not only makes your skin soft and glowing, but also helps fade stretch marks too! order it here: https://goto.target.com/9WWaoY

dr. teals epsom salts: once i added epsom salts into my bath routine, it was a game changer. I’ve always gotten dr. teals epsom salts, and I can’t wait to try this scent! order it here: https://goto.target.com/kjjGdx

dr. teals bubble bath: dr. teals is the best bubble bath I’ve used, such a great brand! order it here: https://goto.target.com/P00NGM

differin gel: I’ve gotten this before as mentioned earlier, but I’m excited to see if it truly can be used for both blemishes and stretch marks!

OPI nail polish: I love opi nail polish so muhc, it’s really great quality and one of the best nail polishes out there in my opinion. decided to give their infinite shine line a try! I’m absolutely obsessed with this beautiful pink color (madam president).it’s perfect for summer! order it here: https://goto.target.com/9WWao4

batiste dry shampoo: I haven’t used dry shampoo in a while, but I figured it would be nice for me to get it back in my routine so I can be fresh as can with minimal effort. order it here: https://goto.target.com/QOO31a


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