Aerie Swimsuit Picks

Lately as I’ve been scrolling through social media, I’ve come to the realization that swimsuit season is nearly here and I have, like always, many feelings. I always have a little anxiety about swimsuit season like a lot of people, and as excited as I get for cute new suits, I still struggle with body confidence. One of the reasons I like Aerie so much is because of how inclusive the brand is. I love seeing so many models in their campaigns with all body types, even mine.

In this post, I’ve picked out some of my favorite Aerie swimsuits of the season.

(this post contains affiliate links).

1. rose top: rose bottom:

2. yellow floral top: yellow floral bottom:

3. pink lace top: pink lace bottom:

4. blue scalloped top: blue scalloped bottom:

5. striped one piece:

6. olive green one piece:

7. pink triangle top: pink triangle bottom:

8. neutral one piece:

9. black checkered strapless top: black checkered bottom:

10. cheetah print top: cheetah print bottom:


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