Rainy Day Window Shopping at Marshall’s

Rainy Day Window Shopping at Marshall’s

I woke up to a glorious rainy spring morning and the first thing on my mind was getting a much needed cup of coffee. Afterwards, I ventured over to Marshall’s so I could take my time browsing the store and see if there was anything that special that caught my eye. It’s one of those moments like when you go to Target- you don’t really know what you need, but you’re sure you’ll know it when you see it at the store.

I’m including a couple things that I thought were cute but didn’t need and didn’t end up buying, as well as things that I quickly added to my cart. First, I’ll share the things I liked but didn’t bring home. Let’s shop together below:

7. feminine pots

Thoughts on the picks:

1. The first thing I noticed were these really cool wooden rotating trays. I thought they would be such a cute addition to a coffee table where you could display coffee table books, a candle, and other miscellaneous home decor. I didn’t take this piece home with me, but I really liked the way it looked!

2. There were a bunch of other pots and pans that matched this one and I thought they were so adorable! Clean, bright, and beautifully simple aesthetic for the kitchen that would make cooking seem almost glamorous.

3. I think decorative jars and bottles are such a great way to add a little flair and spruce up your kitchen and maybe living room.

4. Faux plants are such a great way to freshen up your space. They’ve been growing on me more and more lately, and now I feel like I need plants everywhere! I’ve added so much greenery to our living room area to decorate for spring and summer and I’m obsessed with how it looks.

5. How does one go to Marshalls and not go down the candle aisle? I won’t lie, this aisle gives me a little but of anxiety because of the fragile glass shelves and heavy large candles. Obviously I had to bring at least one home, but we’ll look at that later.

6. I thought about how cute these towels would be in a 20 something’s first apartment.

7. I can’t remember where I’ve seen these pots before, but they are just the CUTEST pots ever. I’m really tempted to go back and get a couple. I might use them as decor pieces instead of planters, but either way I feel like I need these.

What did I get?

on the left.
on the right.
down low.

On the left: I picked out some fun things for the kitchen including a utensils jar, a faux plant, a jasmine candle, a decorative A (for my future last name), and a spice rack (not included).

On the right: this adorable koala and rabbit dog toys were only $4 each and I just couldn’t help myself.

Down low: I also picked out this adorable romper and decided to do a flat lay of what I envisioned would make an adorable summer outfit. I can’t wait to wear it!

Thanks for shopping with me today!


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