Meet Archer!

Meet Archer!

You guys! The most exciting thing happened! Earlier last week, we got a puppy, (and a pup brother for Ava), Archer!

We’ve been wanting to get another dog for the longest time and when we found Archer, we knew it was meant to be. Since I’m no longer working and Kolani is at home more, we figured this would be such an ideal time to welcome another pup into the family.

Kolani flew to Texas to pick up our sweet boy and bring him home to Seattle with us. Archer is a Corgi, Mini Aussie Mix, just like Ava. He is such a sweetheart with a big personality just like his big sister.

At first, Ava wasn’t sure about him. We expected it honestly. Ava has a big, bold personality which is one of the reasons we love her so stinking much. On top of that, she’s been very spoiled for the past three years, so to suddenly have to share everything wasn’t going to be easy with her.

Once Ava realized that Archer wasn’t replacing her, and he was a friend and play buddy, she took to him immediately. It took a couple days, but soon they were playing in the backyard for hours. There are still a couple of things we want to improve with Ava, so we’ll be meeting with a trainer soon to get it all sorted out.

I love how they’re basically best friends now. It’s the sweetest thing to see, and we’re so thrilled to be expanding our family. We love our pups so much and can’t wait to see what summer adventures await us!


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