Trying Curology!

Trying Curology!

Hello friends! Today I wanted to talk about something exciting I’ve decided to try- Curology! And before we get into it, I just want to say that this post is not sponsored. I decided to try it because if you guys remember, I was having a hard time with my skin congestion and had tried almost everything on the market to help clear it up-but nothing was working.

After doing more research, I decided to go ahead and give Curology a try to see if it would finally help my skin. This post isn’t going to be a before and after either, you have to wait about roughly 6-8 weeks before you see results. I just started using their skin care fairly recently, so I wanted to document how it’s going so far.

Let me back up a little. For those of you who don’t know what Curology is, it’s essentially, from what I’ve read, a slightly more expensive version of Proactiv (although I personally never tried Proactiv).

Basically you take a quiz, tell them what you’re worried about, send in some photos and voila! The Curology team quickly gets to work to develop a custom treatment plan for your skin.

Within the first couple weeks Kolani said he could see a difference, and I’ll admit I could a little too. However soon after I realized that the treatment would only work as hard as I would let it. So I cut out some things from my diet and wore makeup less in order to let my skin reach its full potential at recovery.

From trying it so far, I have to say I love the cleanser and moisturizer. It’s some of the lightest I’ve ever used and the consistency is great. I also like my treatment plan because it’s specifically designed for me and my skin. Since I’ve been struggling with congested skin for what feels like quite some time now, it’s nice to know I have something that’s been created to work just for me and my skin issues.

The pricing is about $60 every two months, which I think is fairly reasonable. You can quit anytime too, so you don’t have to feel tied down to the program if you think you’ve gotten your results early and don’t want to continue using their products.

Another thing I really love about the Curology website is all the blog articles they have! They have multiple articles referring readers to sunscreen for different skin types (I never wore sunscreen, I know, sad, but I found a great one that I love!), and also clean makeup they recommend again based on your skin type.

I’ll be doing another post eventually to document the before and after, but for now, I’m leaving you with this jam packed post full of info!

Check out Curology here: https://curology.com/


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